Agile Tribe raises £150k pre-seed round to help push on with their already strong traction.

What is Agile Tribe?

Agile Tribe is a B2B marketplace that matches companies with vetted freelance developers. With 500+ vetted software engineers they can have developers working on projects within 48hrs. Their experts have experience in over 300 different programming languages, frameworks & tools.

What are the issues when it comes to hiring a freelance developer?

Most freelance marketplaces are unregulated leading to projects being delivered late and over budget.

How does Agile Tribe solve this problem?

Agile Tribe has one of the industries toughest vetting processes. Agile Tribe vests 1000s of applications each month, fewer than 5% successfully complete their vetting.

Why now?

Each year there is a huge influx of new tech companies, unicorns and the digitalisation of established brands, however, there is a tremendous shortage of quality software engineers.

What has Agile Tribe built so far?

They began our journey in January 2022 and have already onboarded and vetted 500 engineers, have 50 partner companies they work with and they are currently in the process of launching their new and improved partner portal; allowing companies to hire candidates and track their progress all in a couple of clicks.

Meet the founder

Tom Baker, founder of Agile Tribe “Having worked for multiple start-ups, we always struggled to find quality developers. I’ve worked with full-time engineers and agencies, however, I was always left disappointed by the delivery of the projects, the return on our investment and the flexibility I had to scale the team up and down”.

Looking for investment?

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