Aide Health secures $1.2m to help patients manage long-term conditions

Health-tech startup Aide Health has raised $1.2m in pre-seed funding led by Hambro Perks through its EIS fund, with participation from ourselves, 1818 Ventures and APX Ventures.

What is Aide?

Launched by co-founders Ian Wharton, CEO, and Brian Snyder, COO, Aide is a digital platform that helps patients and their clinicians better understand and manage long-term health conditions, currently affecting over 26 million people in the UK.

In 50% of cases, people struggle to follow the treatment as prescribed by their clinician, lowering their quality of life and placing added strain on the resources of the health service.

How does Aide work?

Aide provides clinicians with a platform to create and remotely monitor health plans for people with chronic disease, paired with a mobile app for the patient which acts as a co-pilot through their care. Using natural language, Aide has short, daily conversations to help with the day-to-day management of health conditions through medicines optimisation, structured monitoring and structured education.

What has been the progress so far?

The service is currently being used by the NHS, with a pilot launched earlier this year supporting people aged between 18-75 with asthma or type-2 diabetes. Aide has a specific focus on meeting the rising challenge of comorbidity and will soon be launching pathways for hypertension and chronic pain.

Ian Wharton, co-founder and CEO at Aide Health, says: “Like many people, I know first-hand the frustrations of trying to manage long-term conditions. Our goal is to give both patients and clinicians the tools and insights they need to have better conversations and make more informed treatment decisions together. The pilot in NHS England is our first step towards making Aide available to everyone with chronic illness.”

Alexander Breeden, Senior Investment Associate at Fuel Ventures, commented: “We are very much excited to be working with Ian and Brian. We believe Aide Health has the potential to be an extremely impactful tool both for clinicians and patients in managing long-term health conditions. Initially starting with asthma and type-2 diabetes, we expect the team to expand beyond these diseases and will as a result have a wide standing impact on chronic illnesses. Ian and Brian were a clear choice for us and we are thrilled to be part of their journey.”

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