Fuel Ventures held an exclusive conversation with the Hurun Report’s Rupert Hoogewerf.

The Hurun Report established by Rupert Hoogewerf in 1999, is a research, media and investments business, best known for its Hurun Rich List, a ranking of the wealthiest individuals in China.

In this exclusive talk Rupert was joined by Fuel Ventures founder Mark Pearson, Partner Jingjing Xu & Investment Associate Alexander Breeden, as well as over 7500 attendees.

A number of topics were covered in the conversation ranging from Mark’s entrepreneurial background to the UK startup ecosystem. Fuel gave a detailed introduction into their fund, the processes they go under when looking at companies and deals.

11月11日,Fuel Ventures创始人兼执行合伙人Mark Pearson,合伙人Jing Jing Xu,投资助理Alexander Breeden非常荣幸受邀参与了胡润会客厅:与欧洲顶级早期风险投资公司之一的独家对话。通过胡润会客厅,Fuel Ventures在线与超过7400位朋友分享了Fuel Ventures独特的投资理念,优秀的投资团队,以及Fuel Ventures打造的一站式生态系统。这次胡润会客厅活动获得了强烈的反响,也是一次十分深刻的交流,涵盖了许多主题:从Mark的创业背景,英国的创业生态系统,英国政府对科技公司创业的大力支持,英国赶超很多国家的独角兽公司数量,到Fuel Ventures如何取得超高的历史回报率。在与胡润先生交流后,我们也对未来英国投资前景更加有信心。

胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf),1970年出生于卢森堡,为英国杜伦大学商学院教授,注册会计师,著名的《胡润百富》创刊人, 被称为是研究中国民营经济的“教父级”人物。胡润会客厅是胡润先生通过与各行业精英对话交流,来洞察每个行业的最新动向。 Hurun webinar

So who were the Fuel team on this panel?

Mark Pearson is an award winning digital entrepreneur & investor. Mark grew his company, Markco Media, from a back bedroom business to a multinational, million pound plus company. He set up Fuel Ventures in 2014, since then the company has gone from strength to strength.

Mark Pearson是一位屡获殊荣的科技创业家和投资人。2006年,Mark开始了在电子商务领域的创业生涯,从最初的300英镑投资,Mark成功将MyVoucherCodes发展成为欧洲第二大优惠券代码品牌:拥有多于100名员工,在欧洲和南美等8个地区为超过200万的用户提供服务。2014年,Mark将MyVoucherCodes以5500万英镑的价格成功卖给Monitise Plc。此后,Mark在2015年成立了Fuel Ventures,并帮助很多公司成功退出,不断增强公司和团队的实力。Fuel Ventures现在是英国领先的早期风险投资公司之一。

Jing is a technology investment specialist specialising in foreign direct investment (FDI) between the UK and China. Jing is a Partner at Fuel Ventures (FV), a leading UK early stage venture capital fund with focus on improving digital transactional convenience. Jing leads FV’s international investments, business development as well as fundraising and investor relations – including closing funding from Zhong Guan Cun, China’s Silicon Valley and in 2018, She was awarded as "Venture Capital New Star" by Hurun Report. Jing was also named Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech 2021. She is also a consultant to the main board of a listed company (OBOR) based in London leading their global acquisition deals.

Jing Jing Xu是一名科技投资专家,专门从事中英之间的外国直接投资(FDI)。她在跨行业投资方面拥有丰富的经验,包括为风投和募资,建立战略合作伙伴关系以及进入中国市场的市场策略。Jing是Fuel Ventures的合伙人,致力于改善数字交易便利性。 Jing负责Fuel Ventures的战略发展,投后管理的项目国际发展,募资以及投资人关系。Jing带领团队获得来自中国硅谷的中关村发展集团的投资以及各个知名机构的投资。在加入Fuel Ventures之前,Jing曾是InvestUK投资公司的中国部负责人,专门致力于跨境投资,成功引进的投资超过5亿英镑,并与中国投资者建立了长期的合作关系。Jing还是一位企业家,曾有多年的创业经验。她还担任伦敦一家上市公司的顾问,领导其全球收购交易。在2018年,她被《胡润百富》评为“风险投资新星”。2021年进入英国科技亚洲明星100强。

Alex is an Investment Associate at Fuel Ventures, previously he was an operator with experience in digital marketing, gamification and innovation and also was part of a team that set up a COVID tracking app right at the onset of COVID. He also spent a number of years living and studying in China.

Alexander Breeden 是 Fuel Ventures 的投资助理,之前在数字营销、游戏和创新方面拥有丰富经验。在封城期间,Alex参与推出了一个COVID-19症状跟踪 APP,该 APP 映射了病毒的传播。此 APP 赢得了英国政府的认可。他还在中国生活和学习了数年。

So why invest in the UK and with Fuel Ventures?

The UK has such a strong ecosystem, the combination of some of the top universities in the world in close proximity to one of the world’s leading hubs for finance and capital has led to an incredibly exciting environment. This is also combined with a growing desire and appetite to be an entrepreneur in the UK.

英国拥有一个强大的创业生态系统: 毗邻世界领先的金融和资本中心之一,并且拥有世界顶尖大学的人才资源,政府大力支持创业--可谓天时地利人和。

We have seen the like Tiger, Sequoia and the largest VC firms in the world flock to the UK in search of investment opportunities. It is clear from their movements into the early stage, that the momentum and returns are clearly very appealing at the earliest stages. The returns in turn can be far more lucrative than at any other stage.

我们已经看到像 Tiger、Sequoia 等世界上最大的风险投资公司涌向英国来寻找投资机会。从他们踊跃进入早期风投市场的势头,毋庸置疑,早期风投市场的回报显然是非常具有吸引力的,并且其回报可能比任何其他阶段都更高。

Fuel Ventures is one of the leading early stage VC in the UK, looking to cover the most important part of an entrepreneur’s life cycle from ideation phase, to seed, all the way to growth.

Fuel Ventures 是英国早期风险投资公司领头羊之一,致力于涵盖初创企业创业生命周期中从构思阶段到种子直至成长的最重要部分。

Fuel has an incredible access to the ecosystem, screening over 4000+ deals per year and having invested over £75m+ into over 50 early stage companies. The real advantage Fuel has over some of the competition is the fact that the team are very much operators, having run their own business or in startups. This translates into providing valuable hands-on support to our portfolio.
Fuel 拥有一个全面的生态系统,每年筛选超过 4000 个项目,并已向 50 多家初创公司投资超过 7500 万英镑。 Fuel的竞争优势在于,其团队多为创业家出身,拥有自己的创业经验或初创公司,为筛选出最具投资前景的项目提供宝贵的实践支持和商业灵敏度。

Here are some of the companies Fuel have invested in:


Shift, achieved £2m monthly GMV in June 2021 and raised their latest round at a 13.8x valuation uplift.


We invested in Volt in January 2020, a Fintech platform that utilises open banking. They closed a £15m Series A from EQT Ventures at a 10.3x valuation uplift.


OnBuy has achieved 200% revenue growth in 2021 YTD and is forecasting £2b in sales by late 2023. Fuel Ventures achieved a 14.2x uplift for the FV fund in 16 months. We negotiated a very good entry price at £6.5m, with the business now being valued at £149m. The business has recently raised £35m and is on track for £300m+ valuation over the next 12-18 months.

OnBuy在2021年已经实现了200%的收入增长,并预测到2023年底销售额将达到20亿英镑。Fuel Ventures对OnBuy的投资在16个月内就实现了14.2倍的估值提升。我们以650万英镑,一个非常吸引的价格投资了OnBuy,该企业现在的估值为1.49亿英镑。该企业最近筹集了3500万英镑,并有望在未来12-18个月内实现3亿英镑以上的估值。

If you are interested in investing in Fuel, please reach out to Jingjing Xu (jing.xu@fuel.ventures) or Alexander Breeden (alexb@fuel.ventures).
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