Capdesk raises a £5m Series A

We are delighted to announce Capdesk has raised a £5m Series A extension.

Capdesk, the equity management platform, has raised a £5m Series A extension led by Fidelity International Strategic Ventures and MiddleGame Ventures. This followed an initial raise of £3 million led by Fuel Ventures in 2020. This brings Capdesk’s Series A funding to £8 million, and the total amount raised to £11.7m.

What is Capdesk?

Capdesk has created a tailored and cost effective captable management platform. The platform enables private companies to efficiently manage and automa.cally transact in equity by running controlled liquidity events. The platform helps stakeholders to understand the value of unlisted share ownership and easily report and transact shareholdings.

The platform allows founders, employees and investors to digitize their equity, options, and warrants transactions. This gives shareholders access to a private secondaries market via a partnership with the Seedrs crowd-equity platform.

Eliminating a number of issues that are associated with keeping tabs on your captable, such as:

Outgrowing Excel - not tracking a captable on spreadsheets
Removing the risk of human error

Aside from removing these sorts of issues, Capdesk facilitates more complex employee share schemes.

Who is using their platform?

Some of their clients include startups such as Gousto, Secret Escapes, Privitar, Voi Technology and Billie to mention a few.

You can find more testimonials from their clients such as Secret Escapes here.

What are Capdesk’s future plans and what does the raise mean for the startup?

Capdesk now wants to build a ‘seed to post-IPO’ equity platform for this normally underserved European sector by onboarding established private and publicly listed companies.

Christian Gabriel, CEO and Co-Founder, Capdesk said in a statement: “Today’s announcement makes Capdesk the best-funded equity management solution in Europe. More importantly, it combines the fintech expertise and capital support from MiddleGame Ventures and Fidelity, paving the way for the firm to build an equity solution never before seen in Europe.”

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