Fuel Ventures are delighted to announce that we have successfully invested a further £2.5m into our existing portfolio company, Distributed. The additional capital will enable the company to scale delivery capacity and multiply support to enterprises in the face of rapidly increasing demand.

This investment has completed following Distributed’s pioneering partnership with Capita was completed in April 2020, with Distributed supporting Capita’s digital transformation and accelerating the adoption of distributed teams across Capita’s network of enterprise clients.

Through their underlying platform, Distributed allow companies to work with fully managed, globally dispersed software development teams. Distributed’s unique positioning has helped companies deliver their digital roadmap without the uncertainty of attracting new full-time developers remotely, saving both time and importantly money.

Callum Adamson, CEO of Distributed: "This new round of funding lets us get more businesses working with Distributed teams, which is not only essential as we battle through the COVID-19 pandemic, but will also provide anti-fragile software delivery solutions for them as we emerge from this economic shockwave."

Mark Pearson, GP at Fuel Ventures: “The follow-on investment into Distributed is Fuel Ventures doubling down into a company that we see as having the potential to severely disrupt the current market. With the recent recalibration of the global workforce, Distributed’s unique positioning is already bearing fruit and we are excited to continue to work together with the team on their journey from here on out”.

Further Press Coverage: On-demand software teams startup Distributed raises a further £2.5m in funding from Fuel Ventures.
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