When Coronavirus brought the world to a complete halt in early 2020, businesses nationwide were sent into disarray. In particular, the events and hospitality have been some of the most affected industries across the globe. Similarly, the startup community was deeply affected, with the continuous strain of attempting to stay afloat, whilst also being nimble enough to adapt to change. Now when you combine the two, you would assume that a startup in the events sector would have little chance of survival.

Fuel Ventures portfolio company, Eventscase, a UK-based events management platform, faced this exact dilemma but saw opportunity in the face of adversity. The London-headquartered company pivoted during the onset of the pandemic and have come out stronger as a result, recently completing  a £3.5 million Series A raise. The round was led by a combination of existing and new investors, such as Haibun Partners and Neil MacDougall (Chairman of the BVCA).

So tell me more about Eventscase?

Eventscase was founded in 2012 and the premise of the company was to make it easier for organisers to launch and manage events of all shapes and sizes. Eventscase offered a range of tools that made this process seamless and effortless including: building websites and apps; email marketing; attendee registration and networking.

So how did Eventscase come out stronger from Covid?

When Covid hit Eventscase suffered from a drop in sales, similar to the vast majority of events related businesses, due to the physical limitations of meeting up. Eventscase went back to the drawing board, so to speak, and with a great deal of agility and nimbleness, managed to quickly diversify its core product, introducing a number of new features for running virtual and hybrid events.

Even since this initial circumstantial pivot, Eventscase has gone from strength to strength, boasting a host of options for virtual events, such as live-streaming, video networking and hosting content on-demand. As a result, the company has attracted tens of thousands of virtual attendees every month and is on course to achieve over 100% year-on-year growth. Some of Eventscase’s current clients include Audi, Santander and the UN.

What lies in store for the future of Eventscase?

The company is now well equipped and positioned to manoeuvre during the current uncertain times, as well as in a post-Covid scenario. The two main focuses going forward surround tech development and hiring. The reason for this focus is to cope with the enormous demand for the virtual and hybrid events and solutions during these times, across different geographies so the new hires will be situated in the tech hubs of Barcelona, Madrid, New York, London and Dubai.

Jose Bort, Co-Founder and CEO, said: “From seeing 75% of our sales vanish in the 10 weeks leading up to April, it’s amazing to think that we’re now in a better position than we were pre-COVID. This year has brought no end of challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger, with greater capabilities and in a more competitive position. We can already envisage hosting events with 100,000 attendees and a further one million accessing live streams.”

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