Flowla raises their pre-seed round with participation from Fuel Ventures and Antler

What is Flowla?

Flowla accelerates B2B sales Flowla helps B2B revenue teams create digital buying journeys that speed up cycles and win deals.

A Flowla link is a personalised, custom banded workflow for the buyer; centralising the buying experience from the first call until the onboarding. It hosts all resources & action plans, facilitates communication & collaboration.

In addition to delivering an outstanding experience to buyers, Flowla provides sellers a lens to what’s happening behind closed doors within the buying organisation. They view actionable insights on how prospects engage and identify every stakeholder.

What are the current issues facing B2B buyers and sellers?

•Too many moving parts, too little engagement
•80% of B2B buyers have stated their last purchase was too complex and difficult.

There are too many moving parts: Not only the number of stakeholders involved in the decision making has increased, the variety of resources have multiplied as well. To help buyers and facilitate the decision making process, salespeople rely on documents, videos, interactive demos, forms, electronic signatures, mutual action plans..

This results in:

•Countless hours wasted between email threads, links, attachments, spreadsheets and other 3rd party tools,
•Ghosting from prospects not engaged,
•Lack of alignment between stakeholders and deals stalling..

Flowla unifies the scattered buying experience in a single collaborative medium, helping sellers become better storytellers, engage buyers and speed up sales cycles.

Who are team Flowla?

Repeat, exited founders with substantial industry expertise

Flowla was founded in early 2022 by Erdem Gelal, Alper Yurder and Oguz Gelal.

Erdem, CTO, previously built an enterprise sales solution that digitalised offline sales processes, later exiting to Groupe UP in 2019.

Alper, CRO, has over a decade of experience building, growing and leading sales teams in multiple organisations (most recently at a post series-A start-up)

Oguz completes the founding team as CTO. An experienced lead full stack developer, with experience leading high-performing tech-teams (also most recently at a post series-A start-up).

This team is perfectly placed to build the de-facto medium where B2B sales happen in the future.

What does Fuel Ventures like about Flowa?

The market size, the ‘why now?’ and the ‘must-have’ factor are all hugely relevant here, but ultimately, it comes down to the team.

Led by a CEO who has previously exited a business in this very sector, along with a CRO who has lived and breathed B2B sales for over a decade and a CTO who has led teams at multiple successful tech companies. For us, the answer was obvious.

So if you want to wow your buyers, speed up sales cycles and close more deals - head to Flowla.

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