Frontdoor Labs raises $1 million pre-seed round

Frontdoor Labs has closed their USD 1 million pre-seed round, led by Signature Ventures, a German early stage venture capital fund alongside ourselves at Fuel Ventures. Frontdoor Labs is a global web3 talent network that is redefining how founders, operators and contributors connect across the web3 ecosystem.

Driven by the belief that most of the world’s best talent has yet to be unearthed, Co-founders Ash Prabaker & Yasama Rajaee started Frontdoor to build novel solutions to connect founders and operators across the web3 landscape. “Frontdoor was born out of the experiences both Yasaman and I felt as we started exploring web3 - we were left searching for better alternatives to existing talent solutions to help discover and build relationships with other builders in the ecosystem,” said Ash, Co-founder of Frontdoor, “We are changing the way organisations and individuals at large connect with talent in the professional world.”

What is Frontdoor?

Frontdoor is a global web3 talent network that helps connect founders, operators and contributors building in the web3 ecosystem through a combination of IRL spaces and software solutions. Frontdoor’s vision is to redefine how talent is discovered and connected on a global scale. Frontdoor is headquartered in London, which is also the site of its first community hub. Learn more about Frontdoor at

Today Frontdoor exists as a subscription-based talent collective of founders and operators building in the web3 ecosystem. By connecting curated talent through both in real life (IRL) and digital spaces - Frontdoor is able to foster real connection between people whilst avoiding the noise of the broader ecosystem. “We knew from personal experiences that both IRL and digital spaces are central to creating meaningful connections between people - we are creating an environment that feels intimate and makes it simpler to find who you wanted to, when you wanted to - a campus for web3 talent” - said Yasaman, Co-founder of Frontdoor.

Frontdoor recently launched their IRL hub in central London filled exclusively with web3 talent from the Frontdoor Community. Members can choose to either work permanently out of the space, drop in weekly or access the network through Frontdoor’s private digital spaces. “The quality of talent working here is second to none - great things happen when you bring together world-class operators working on the technological frontier,” mentioned Ash. “We’ve already sold out of spots for October and are moving into a larger space in November to welcome more talent into the network,” said Yasaman.

With the funding, Frontdoor will continue to scale its community and further evolve the decentralised software solutions that live at the heart of the network. “Connecting talent on a global scale is a natural next step for us. Our vision is to redefine how we think about discovering and connecting with talent - to help frictionlessly match individuals and opportunities in the future of work,” said Ash.

Applications for membership for November onwards are now open here:

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