Fuel led a €550,000 round in Kohomai

Fuel Ventures has led a €550,000 round in Kohomai, alongside a number of venture capital funds across the EU, UK, and the U.S. including: Seed + Speed and FYRFLY Venture Partners. Kohomai raised a pre-seed round of €550,000 and gaining strategic alliances with renowned experts in the fields of enterprise & deep tech, human resources and talent management.

Why now?

On average before the pandemic, it took 5-6 months for new hires to fully integrate in a new company and be 100% productive. Now with all remote & hybrid work that is taking even longer. In addition to that, there is a huge war for talent going on which requires companies to make substantial effort in attracting, enabling, and retaining talent. Therefore, Kohomai are building a solution for engaging onboarding journeys of new hires, which is reducing the time-to-productivity by 80%. With the proactive onboarding framework, talent will be enabled faster, more engaged and stay longer with the company.

The benefit of an autonomous, mobility and micro-learning driven SaaS solution is an onboarding and talent journey management that will significantly increase team integration and will therefore maximize speed to productivity while reducing attrition of A-player talent. At the same time, talent managers get a powerful tool to eliminate manual work and put it on autopilot.

The two founders, Aleksa Mitrović and François Lecomte, gained unique insights in their past roles about the opportunity to unlock and maximize productivity and happiness of new joiners quickly.

Meet the founders

Aleksa Mitrović has worked and lived in Serbia, India, Slovakia and Germany. He has a background in B2B Sales at FinTech and SaaS companies. He has previously attended batches of the Founder Institute in Berlin and Antler in Oslo. Prior to Kohomai, Aleksa started two tech startups.

François Lecomte has a background in Software Development and IT, he worked as a software developer and technical coach both for corporates and startups. He attended Antler in Oslo Q12021 and has founded several startups and sold his last startup to Wemanity.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for investment?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for pre-seed and seed investment please email me alexb@fuel.ventures or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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