We are delighted to announce a £1m Seed investment in OPPORTUNI, who are addressing the issue with government tenders.

So what is OPPORTUNI?

OPPORTUNI is the Tinder-for-Tenders that enables SMEs to bid on public sector contracts. The startup is looking to disrupt and innovate an industry that suffers one of the lowest public opinion scores of government functions in generations.

The company has been working in stealth mode over the last year as it breaks down the endless barriers to entry for small businesses that are wanting to tap into the billions of pounds of Government contracts.

OPPORTUNI has built a subscription service that lets firms in any sector and of any size match with government contracts. Their innovations far exceed keywords or matching industry codes, instead making use of intelligent AI, typically reserved for the banking industry's upper echelons, to pick out that needle in a haystack tender that exactly matches a businesses capabilities.

What is the current state of tendering?

Currently, less than 1.5% of UK businesses even have sight of Government contracts with even less moving forward to bid on them. The UK Government is committed to spending at least £1 in every £3 with SMEs, and so OPPORTUNI identified this opportunity and felt it was about time more people got in on the act.

At the moment Governments provide some portals, tenders are published over 1000s of different websites, requiring business owners to have around 3,000 logins just to access the entire market in the UK alone. Clearly the current state is highly inefficient for SMEs.

Global potential

There is a huge global drive to create more competition within their procurement processes, as around 20% of tenders only have one bidder in some countries. Public sector contracts make for a perfect client; they provide you with a usually detailed specification with no hidden requests. So any SME can work out a fair quote without asking hundreds of questions or several meetings, saving thousands in lost time as everything is in the spec. OPPORTUNI proved that now is the precise time to shake up an industry left mostly untouched for a decade.

What services do OPPORTUNI provide?

OPPORTUNI has a suite of active tools bundled into a cheap and easily accessible subscription service that kick-starts a small business’s journey into winning public sector work. These services include:

Tender Matching - Tinder-for-Tenders?
'Searching' is replaced by machine learning, so a subscriber receives exact tenders that entirely match their businesses capabilities or aspirations to grow.

Document Access, unlocked.
'Expressions of interest', 'Login to View' and many more barriers are removed. Instead, with one click, a business can download all the associated documents to recommended tenders.

Watch a Masterclass or Hire a Master on Marketplace.
OPPORTUNI gives unprecedented access to resources and video lessons to write your own DIY bid. Alternatively, they've made finding a bid writer possible again in a single click. Technology like this usually doesn't come cheap for business, but OPPORTUNI knew they needed to innovate again. With a flat service fee of £150pm or £1,500 a year, less than the price of a round trip to London on a speculative business meeting any regular business would take, anyone can access this technology today.

Meet the team

Bill MacGregor is a seasoned director and self-taught software engineer. Over the last decade, he has worked on multiple software-based businesses and joint ventures. This background led Bill to build and consult on innovative technology with a range of FCA regulated SMEs and FTSE250 listed Banks and Insurers, finding efficiencies and in-depth data analysis. All these unique experiences have resulted in Bill's now comprehensive knowledge of product and subscription distribution.

Tim Ward is a skilled and experienced Bid Writing and Procurement professional. Tim set up one of the UK's most successful bid writing consultancies working with companies ranging from small man in a van businesses up to one of the worlds largest companies PIF (Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia). Working across all sectors in the UK and globally winning more than £8.5 Billion of direct contracts and many more Billions worth of framework contracts.

Bill MacGregor, Co-Founder of OPPORTUNI believes:

OPPORTUNI will be the playbook for redirecting £225 billion a year to SMEs.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for investment, please apply here, email your deck to alexb@fuel.ventures or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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