About the SEIS Fund

The Fuel Ventures SEIS fund invests in a portfolio of 20-30 early-stage technology companies. We receive over 300 deals a month, and select the very best at the pre-seed stage. We believe that this enables us to identify and invest in the future sector pioneers.


Our SEIS fund focuses on fast-growing companies with exceptional founders, global ambition, and the potential to generate lucrative returns. In addition to investment capital, we provide our portfolio companies with expert advice, strategic partnerships, and unique access to follow-on capital from our EIS funds.


We looked at our portfolio of 40 EIS companies and found that 17 would have been SEIS-qualifying at the point of investment. Those 17 companies are currently showing average unrealised uplifts of 4.17x (December 2020).


By investing in SEIS, UK investors have the potential to claim up to 50% income tax relief on their investment amount and pay no Capital Gains Tax on returns.

Key Information

  • Current status: Open
  • Fund type: SEIS
  • Investment goal: Growth
  • Invests in: Marketplaces, platforms, SaaS
  • Portfolio size: 30-40 companies
  • Target returns: 5x
  • Target time to full investment: 12 months
  • Tax relief available: SEIS (income tax relief, capital gains tax relief, loss relief)

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Example Portfolio Companies