We have all been part of those employee incentive schemes that give you cinema tickets and 5% off the local gym. So how come we never actually use them? 

The employee incentives industry is littered with discounts and vouchers that people don’t want. This leads to low engagement in the incentives, and as a result, these schemes do little to nothing in reducing the age-old problem of employee turnover. The modern employee demands a high-quality lifestyle and an employer that understands the things they need. If they don’t get it where they are, then they will move. 

Since the birth of technology-driven employee incentive schemes, entrants have either focused on niche verticals or have used cheap discounts and vouchers to win business accounts. No one has responded to the changing tide; staff wellbeing and development budgets are increasing, the focus is on providing meaningful and inclusive work cultures rather than ticking boxes.

Juno offers the opportunity for staff to have a choice and for businesses to save time and money. They don’t just focus on fitness and mental health services. They offer help with life admin that has a huge impact on people’s happiness and productivity. Juno gives businesses the tools to redefine their role. Every month, employers pay a subscription fee per employee. Employees get points to spend on Body, Life and Mind categories. These range from yoga and boxing classes to home services such as cleaning and laundry. The founder and CEO Ally was instrumental in the early-stage growth of Cleo AI, Yolt and LOQBOX. His talents lie in building and growing incredible products that change user behaviour. He also has the ambition to build a billion-pound global wellness company. Juno has already hit the ground running signing up one of the largest apparel brands in the world. With 30000 employees on its waitlist, we have no doubt 2020 is going to be an excellent year for them.

We are pleased to announce that we are leading Juno’s £650k Seed round. Our investment in Juno builds on our thesis that employee care and wellness is the future. We look forward to supporting founder Ally Fekaiki and Juno’s plans to use the funding to scale the company and accelerate growth with an investment in sales, product, and marketing. We are impressed by Juno’s technology in the growing employee wellness market and progress they have already made in their industry.

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