Pitch, Please!

Fuel Ventures are doing a Clubhouse pitching event.

Another VC on Clubhouse? Yep, you guessed it. Fuel Ventures are launching a pitching event hosted on Clubhouse. You heard that right. Fuel Ventures are giving founders the opportunity to pitch on Clubhouse to members of our investment team.

Now you may say Clubhouse has been done before by a number of VCs, however, we are going to be doing this slightly differently to your average Clubhouse pitching event. This will be a pitching event on rocket fuel, excuse the pun.

Founders will have 1 minute and 1 minute ONLY to pitch their business to members of the investment team. Then they will have the opportunity to answer 1 question and 1 question ONLY to see if the Fuel team deem these startups suitable investment opportunities. This is the ULTIMATE elevator pitch.

When is this happening?

The Clubhouse event is happening on Friday 12th March at 2-3pm. This is the perfect way to listen to potentially some of the most exciting tech founders around in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, easing your way into the weekend.

Key tips for founders

    •Keep it clear, concise and exactly to the point. You have one minute to describe your business so that the team understands what you do and the problem you are solving
    •Speak clearly, we want to hear what you have to say
    •Relax, this is an informal
    •Be able to think on your feet

What Founders should know before applying?

Fuel Ventures is an early and growth stage investor in leading technology businesses. We (Fuel Ventures Fund) invest in the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the sectors covering globally scalable marketplaces, platforms and software (SaaS). We have a unique approach to investing, bringing our portfolio companies under one roof to provide hands on support and to create a collaborative ecosystem.

What we look for:

    •Pre-Seed, Seed and Growth stages
    •Exceptional entrepreneurs
    •Minimum viable product
    •Proven traction
    •Globally scalable

How do I apply?

Apply through the application form here:


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