OnBuy.com - The largest UK-owned marketplace taking on Amazon. Scaling into 100 countries in the next 3 years.
Volt - Introducing the next generation in open banking payments services.
Heroes logo
Heroes acquires, operates and optimises Fulfilled By Amazon businesses (FBA).
Capdesk Exit
Capdesk - An equity management platform that enables private companies to efficiently manage their shares, communicate with investors and report to financial authorities.
Shift - A platform that provides a man-in-a-van to let businesses and people move anything, anytime, anywhere.
Content cal
A Social Media Planning and Publishing Tool.
Moot Group
The Moot Group is an eCommerce technology company that manages a collection of online brands.
Fable is an online marketplace for the residential Private Rental Sector and institutional real estate investors.
StackZone is an automated secure and self-service cloud management platform for multi-account environments.
Marlo is the world’s first maritime neobank catering to a trillion-dollar global industry. 90% of global trade is transported by ships, yet there has been no significant financial innovation in the maritime
Runway is a 360 agency that helps creators bring their brand and businesses to life. Runway handles everything from log design, through to fulfilment and customer service to allow creators to create!
Cutbox is the world’s first tech led barber chain providing convenient, quality, consistent haircuts for customers while helping retailers and landowners generate revenues out of their under-utilised space.
Clarity Stack
Clarity Stack deliver a fresh approach to B2B data, insight and lead generation providing you with a complete technology stack to improve sales and achieve business growth.
Guider’s mentoring platform makes mentoring easy, accessible and scalable for enterprise.
Feast It logo
Feast It lets you discover and book the country's best suppliers for your event
Materials Market is an online platform that connects customers and suppliers of building materials in a transparent and competitive marketplace.
After filling in a detailed Trip Matchmaker form, Journee's algorithm matches a traveller with an exciting trip to an interesting mystery destination.
Creoate logo
Creoate is a wholesale marketplace that helps millions of small businesses grow on better terms.
Peckwater Brands logo
Peckwater Brands offers delivery franchises to kitchen operators.The startup helps neighbourhood restaurants to sell virtual food brands on delivery platforms from their existing kitchens and top up revenues
Glorify is a design tool that enables businesses to easily create professional, personalised content.
Beyonk provides a full online booking system and marketing engine for destinations and tourist boards to share the best local experiences
Outfund provides revenue-based financing between £10,000 and £1,000,000 to online businesses looking to grow
Arbolus - A marketplace for independent consultants and businesses to efficiently find each other and work together.
Lifted is a in-home care tech company that gives patients access to high-quality care services and connects all the stakeholders in the relationship.
Opportuni aggregates opportunities from 1000's of government portals so that businesses can source, bid for and win public sector contracts.
WeGift - A new standard in digital gift cards. Helps brands reach new sales channels, manage their gift card programmes with ease, and create unique customer experiences.
Geomiq - A platform that allows engineers to get an instant quote for the manufacture of a part. Once quoted, the part can be purchased, made, and sent to the customer within the next few days.
Feel - Multivitamins for the modern world.
Deliver world class outcomes by using AI enabled Elastic Teams. Businesses move faster when they’re focused on outcomes. Our Elastic Team platform lets businesses do more, faster, and safer than ever before.
Moteefe - A social commerce platform providing a solution for users to sell customised products through social media.
Wombat updated logo
Wombat is an investment platform for fractional share trading and thematic ETF's.
CG Hero connects talented CGI and 3D artists with customers in need of custom computer graphics
Boulevard are a tech driven, sector agnostic online marketplace super seller, with the specialist knowledge to launch, maintain and grow your product sales on the biggest websites in the world.
Noah provides purposeful Starter Kits for key lifetime events, hobbies or interests.
Poplar Studio logo
Poplar is a creative platform that provides 3D and AR campaigns on demand.
Lunio offers an all in one solution to identify and block click fraud (including: click fraud and ad fraud).
Juno allows employees to spend points on wellness related benefits, making them happier and more productive.
StrategyBox is a platform that provides consolidated dashboards to track and compare attribution across all your marketing campaigns.
An online teaching and learning platform that enables anyone, to build their own online school.
On-demand donation for second-hand clothes. Thrift+ collect and sell your best unwanted clothes, donating part of the proceeds to charity and giving back as credit for the online Thrift+ store.
The smart account for landlords. Collect rent, track payments & maximise your profits.
GameBake redevelops IOS and Android games to make them suitable for distribution on new platforms like social media, messaging platforms and 3rd party gaming platforms.
Forensic Alpha
In-Depth Forensic Reports Generated by Machine Intelligence
Chaser logo
Allows companies to future-proof their cashflow with cloud credit control software that gets invoices paid on time.
All-in-one branded event and exhibition management platform.
Intelligent  instant sales conversion tools to engage with visitors and leads at the perfect time.
Custom bids from local service professionals for events, home, learning, fitness, wellness and more in hours.
A no-code platform for data-science.
Tutor house exit
A marketplace connecting students and parents with high-quality, pre-vetted tutors who can provide online and offline tutoring.
We help companies maximise hiring via employee referrals. Employee referrals result in hiring better candidates in quicker time and at less cost – we can help you get more of them!
Book a photographer  for anything. Hire quality photographers on-demand. Book an available photographer near you instantly for fixed fees from just £69.
The leading platform for meetings and events, providing corporates with everything they need to plan their event from start to finish.
Platform for exhibitioners and conference organised to hire all types of equipment for their event.
Find, compare and book the best doctors and healthcare professionals.
Platform that helps publishers pivot to more video by deciding which is the best video for each online article, enabling them to take control of their onsite engagement, video plays and ad revenue.


Largest UK consumer website for money saving coupons and codes.
Everything you need to sell software. Paddle provide the building blocks to help developers understand their customers and power marketing ideas.
Platform that helps live event organisers shift unsold tickets, last minute, while passing on discounts to consumers in return.
Platform where playlists can be discovered and submitted by anyone with a Spotify account.
iPad PoS Software that allows you to manage up to a thousand stores at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PoS system.