ContentRadar is a workflow automation SaaS that supercharges marketing managers and teams in their day-to-day job allowing them to orchestrate their content marketing in seconds.
Super is a software platform that combines fiat and crypto payments web3 companies receive into one place.
Tradecard is an app where you can manage expenses, invoicing, financing and insurance in one place.
Trudenty empowers individuals as the custodians of their own data, and enables user-managed data flows to power customer due diligence across banking and fintech.
Cheers is a complete game-changing end-to-end contract lifecycle, automation, and management software on the cloud.
A health company focused on eating disorder with structured community groups for an experience that supports people no matter where they are in their journey.
An OnDemand car payment platorm using Opening Banking & AI to prevent dealerships from losing sales in the £8b underserved UK market of first-time drivers and expats car buyers with adverse credit profiles.
ChipFlow is a PaaS startup that is delivering a 10-100x cost improvement to design microchips.
Intelligent spend decision platform that streamlines decision-making processes and identifies cost-optimisation opportunities for enterprise businesses.
Cyb3r Operations allows customers to gather, analyse, and disseminate information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities from the deep and dark web that is relevant to their business.
BuildScan offers simple solutions to archaic processes in Construction and the Building Environment.
Elephants is a social goals app that merges group chats and goal apps to make sharing a goal as easy as sending a text message.
With a mission to improve the sales process for our clients globally, allow them to win more work, win work faster and build better relationships with their clients.
Convert and reformat product data for any e-commerce channel in minutes!
Trunk is unlocking the next wave of construction by enabling prefab manufacturers to coordinate with stakeholders and deliver their projects more efficiently.
Moverly are building a consumer-focussed property moving application that works alongside other property professionals’ systems and provides a digital, accelerated, lower-risk transaction.
SparkLayer is a B2B eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with a merchants existing online store, enabling a powerful B2B ordering experience for their customers.
Medley is the web3 community management platform.
Productive Machines enables the machining industry to reach the best part, faster, the first time.
Wiraki is a data-driven student headhunting platform.
By using Sway, business owners can turn their phones into payment terminals to accept instant bank payments without transaction fees.
Kepler is a digital freight platform using relay-led model trucking and aims to create safer, faster, humane, and cost-effective logistic operations.
Flowshot builds highly performant language models for digital commerce websites (e-commerce, aggregators, smart shopping) for automated content production.
Pluto is building the first online marketplace for affordable housing. They aim to provide the technology for anybody who owns a home to be able to sell it via any affordable housing scheme.
Aide logo
Aide is a new health technology company which uses conversational AI to improve patient engagement and clinical assessment for chronic disease. Aide is designed for healthcare systems, insurers and direct-to
Roomix links inspirational creator content to exactly the right products needed. Providing a premium tier of expert and digital service to tailor designs and project plans to your unique space.
Hotel manager logo
A no-code platform that can be used to manage your hotel, from guest experience through to hotel operations.
HiiKER is building digital products to enable people to explore the great outdoors with confidence. HiiKER has helps hikers to discover, plan and navigate on trails around the world.
Twirl is an on-demand platform for creating authentic video content for businesses. They automatically connect companies to world class video creators to help them quickly scale content creation.
Playe have built a model to allow fast and flexible production of large volumes content for brands. This content ranges from internal content to interviews to graphic design.
Ambr prevents workplace burnout (an employee mental health crisis); with its technology that automatically identifies risk factors and then delivers nudges to employees to healthier behaviours.
Fable is an online marketplace for the residential Private Rental Sector and institutional real estate investors.
StackZone is an automated secure and self-service cloud management platform for multi-account environments.
Business finance without boarders. A 24hour finance solution specialising in providing your business with efficient, flexible, and competitive solutions.
Runway is a 360 agency that helps creators bring their brand and businesses to life. Runway handles everything from log design, through to fulfilment and customer service to allow creators to create!
iCustoms is a disruptor that uses artificial intelligence to streamline over 200 million customs clearance transactions in the UK each year, reducing the time to complete a customs declarations.
Frontdoor is a community-led platform that matches talent with work opportunities in web3 organisations.
An Impact-as-a-Service platform allowing businesses to create tangible positive impact with vetted and accredited projects through seamless integrations with the tools they already use.
Web 3.0’s Admin Department - making it easier than ever to start and operate an SME anywhere in the world.
Eleos is building simple, innovative and fully digital insurance from the ground up to provide regular financial support in the event of death, illness or accident.
Finalrentals is turbo charging local car rental companies, to become digital and unlock the power of eCommerce and internet to increase online bookings.
Your entire home buying or selling journey is done online with Homemove, meaning it is now much simpler to choose services, check and track the progress of your move from the beginning to the end.
Flowla helps revenue teams deliver an outstanding buying experience that wins deals.
FlatPeak connects appliances to consumers’ energy accounts to receive tariffs and send back consumption data — via a simple and scalable universal API.
Aims to help small-medium warehouses to adopt mobile robotics solutions to improve their operational performance.
Mo Health delivers the next generation of health cover, built for a new era of business health needs.
Brillband is the UK’s first app based broadband provider powered by a software defined network, delivering 1GB speeds to customers.
GME is a B2B platform for equipment, materials and labour, beginning with equipment hire, helping companies to reduce equipment cost by directly accessing the best deal on each hire.
Tyde logo
At Tyde, they want to make funerals fairer and more affordable, often helping families save up to 40% compared with the average UK funeral cost.
Oscars Farm
Oscars Farm is a new breed of dog food. Fresh pressed is a new modern way of gently cooking whole fresh ingredients at lower temperatures & pressing. The result? The best clean, balanced dry dog food for you
Ur My Type uses a personality framework inspired by the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) to match users based on their personality types.
Lumi is a ground-breaking enquiry-based programme, giving students autonomy over their direction of study as they tackle the most complex issues facing mankind.
Glorify is a design tool that enables businesses to easily create professional, personalised content.
A hiring platform that offers companies access to vetted talent. They connect top technical talent including engineers, designers and marketers with the tech companies across the world.
Vabble provides a transparent window for investors to access verified payables
Foundy is an end-to-end online acquisition marketplace to seamlessly connect founders to buyers as well as 3rd party service providers such as lawyers.
Monspire logo
Monspire is a data driven invoice financing platform.
Scribe is a data platform for company information, powered by research-based AI - uncover deep insights about private companies and end data entry from PDFs.
FruPro logo
FruPro is an end-to-end supply chain platform for the fresh produce sector.
SaaS for engaging onboarding journeys of new hires, reducing the time-to-productivity of new joiners by 80%.
A climate-tech start up, working with progressive client partners to reduce carbon emissions. They enable clients to spend less time on carbon administration and more time on their climate transformation
Supportwave is a marketplace for on-demand and remote IT support services, connecting businesses and individuals to IT technicians.
Instant and same day delivery solution for retailers (B2B).
Jove logo
Jove is an insuretech that provides flexible insurance bundles for the self-employed.
Barbr is an ecosystem that empowers barbers to save time, earn more and unlock their true potential.
SAI Group logo
SAI Group is a real-time AI solution for CCTV footage in grocery stores to prevent theft and increase efficiency.
Holidayfox is a marketplace to discover and book camping holidays.
Palqee helps companies champion data protection compliance through intuitive privacy management software.
Incredible is a debt management platform that utilises open finance and machine learning to help people get out of debt. is a marketplace that makes AI models more accessible and affordable for SMEs.
Correcto logo
Correcto is a SaaS tool that enhances language, spelling and grammar through AI to communicate with impact in Spanish.
Lupa logo
Lupa is a smart, tech-driven audio running coach.
The virtual clinic created by women, for women. Empowering every woman to care for her health, on her own terms.
Free equipment scheduling and inventory management for schools. Perfect for organising practical lessons.
An online validation service of a vehicle’s ownership. Drivers can register their vehicle ownership at the time of purchase from a motor dealer, confirming and validating the true ownership of the vehicle
Indie Travel logo
Indie is building the first creator platform for travel entrepreneurs. They help their clients find customers, manage their income, sell and engage with customers.
So & Mo
Expertly designed, easy-to-use lawn feed plan delivers professional results with less fuss. See results in just 3 days!