Runway is a 360 agency that helps creators bring their brand and businesses to life. Runway handles everything from log design, through to fulfilment and customer service to allow creators to create!
GME is a B2B platform for equipment, materials and labour, beginning with equipment hire, helping companies to reduce equipment cost by directly accessing the best deal on each hire.
Tyde logo
At Tyde, they want to make funerals fairer and more affordable, often helping families save up to 40% compared with the average UK funeral cost.
Ur My Type uses a personality framework inspired by the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) to match users based on their personality types.
Glorify logo
Glorify is a design tool that enables businesses to easily create professional, personalised content.
A hiring platform that offers companies access to vetted talent. They connect top technical talent including engineers, designers and marketers with the tech companies across the world.
Monspire logo
Monspire is a data driven invoice financing platform.
Scribe takes unstructured data from PDFs and presents it in a useful way to decision makers in finance.
FruPro logo
FruPro is an end-to-end supply chain platform for the fresh produce sector.
A climate-tech start up, working with progressive client partners to reduce carbon emissions. They enable clients to spend less time on carbon administration and more time on their climate transformation
NerdApp is a marketplace for on-demand and remote IT support services, connecting businesses and individuals to IT technicians.
Quiver is an instant and same day delivery solution for retailers.
Jove logo
Jove is an insuretech that provides flexible insurance bundles for the self-employed.
Barbr is an ecosystem that empowers barbers to save time, earn more and unlock their true potential.
SAI Group logo
SAI Group is a real-time AI solution for CCTV footage in grocery stores to prevent theft and increase efficiency.
Holidayfox is a marketplace to discover and book camping holidays.
Palqee helps companies champion data protection compliance through intuitive privacy management software.
Incredible is a debt management platform that utilises open finance and machine learning to help people get out of debt. is a marketplace that makes AI models more accessible and affordable for SMEs.
Correcto logo
Correcto is a SaaS tool that enhances language, spelling and grammar through AI to communicate with impact in Spanish.
Lupa logo
Lupa is a smart, tech-driven audio running coach.
Naytal is a platform to book virtual visits with female reproductive healthcare specialists.
Free equipment scheduling and inventory management for schools. Perfect for organising practical lessons.
Hibana logo
Hibana is a story-led marketplace for independent brands.
Indie Travel logo
Indie is building the first creator platform for travel entrepreneurs. They help their clients find customers, manage their income, sell and engage with customers.