StackZone raises £1,500,000 to disrupt the cloud management industry

What is StackZone?

StackZone is the first Cloud Management Platform of its kind.

It is the first all-in-one Cloud Governance Management platform on the market that will provide organisations with simple provisioning, cost management, monitoring, and operations. StackZone leverages the power of automation to revolutionise the way organisations manage their cloud resources.

After several years of focusing on Best Practices around security, governance, and cost optimisation, StackZone’s team produced a solution that can be deployed by the end users with a few clicks, providing:

  • Continuous compliance and governance
  • Self-healing and remediation
  • Cloud Standardisation
  • Specific industry's vertical best practices
  • Why now?

    After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, cloud adoption started to increase faster, and by 2022 it is expected that 55% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.

    At the moment, there are only very few companies that have embarked on the big task of creating a cloud management platform to help organisations evolve and become exponentially more efficient. Despite the massive adoption, cloud vendors have failed to simplify infrastructure management in the public cloud.

    That is why none of the available alternatives compares to StackZone. While the amount of human resources needed to manage infrastructure has continued to increase, StackZone made it possible to automate so many of the processes that used to take weeks or months and built them in hours

    Fernando Honig, StackZone’s CEO, stated: "We are at a moment when the public cloud is beginning to be a reality for most enterprise companies, and there is a need to automate the processes. StackZone is a solution for most companies, thinking of automation, but security, compliance, and cost efficiency as well".

    Mark Pearson, Founder and Managing Partner at Fuel Ventures told: "We believe StackZone will completely change the industry of Cloud Management. There are big differences we believe this startup can do to help organisations to simplify the management of infrastructure teams, and after all, help them to grow faster".

    What can StackZone do in a nutshell?

    The majority of technical professionals would agree that the top cloud challenges at the moment are security, spend, governance and expertise.

    StackZone provides a platform where all of that can be achieved, because it provides customers with a highly intuitive user interface and the ability to manage their cloud infrastructure. It is the first all-in-one Cloud Governance Management Platform on the market and it will be able to take care of provisioning, cost management, monitoring, and operations, all in one place with the simplicity StackZone can guarantee.

    As a result, it simplifies the management and daily operations of infrastructure teams working in the public cloud and allows organisations to reduce the time invested in research and deployment of cloud infrastructure management.

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